Not For Hire Direct Response Sales Copy Writer


me-1As you read this, I have sales copy plastered all over the internet, in print ads and just about everywhere else you can imagine.

I’ve worked for large tech companies, small local businesses and everything else in between.  But right now I’m not for hire and that’s the way I like it.

How can I be a “professional” writer if I don’t have any clients?  I fired my clients and started selling my own products.  In short, I write for myself now.

It wasn’t always this way.  I started out as the owner of a struggling carpet cleaning business in Indianapolis.  I wondered what I could do to make more money.

Some people in high places noticed I was asking the right questions, and an online frenemy introduced me to direct response marketing.

I’ve always had a knack for writing, so I was immediately attracted to sales copy.  I learned as much as I could and started implementing it in my own business.

In the carpet cleaning industry, the “Three Rooms for $99” promotion is so common it’s practically just a given for most companies.

Well screw that… the first ad I wrote for myself sold three rooms for $299–triple what everybody else was charging.  This was no accident.  It’s simply the power of direct response sales copy.

When people actually started responding to this ad, I was freakin’ hooked.


My first ad.  Ugly but brutally effective.

Word got out about my new talents (which were honestly primitive compared to what I do today), and I started writing sales copy for other cleaners.

Eventually, I grew into other markets, writing for tech companies, online stores and local mom & pop businesses.

It was fun and I learned a lot, but working for clients can be a drag.  And as a lifelong butthead with some serious antisocial tendencies, I realized I’d be better off selling my own crap.

So I fired everybody, developed my own products and started selling those.

Now, I have the luxury of doing what I love—writing hard-hitting sales copy—without having to deal with clients’ demands.

Originally, I set this site up to advertise my skills and capture new clients.  Since I’m no longer for hire, I’ve shifted gears and maintain the blog on this site to help others.

I think I’m the only world-class writer who doesn’t have something to sell to my readers. I don’t have an e-book, newsletter, training course or any other such d-baggery for sale.

In fact, there will never, ever be anything for sale on this site, and that’s a guarantee.  It’s my personal pledge to you.

The only—and I mean ONLY—reason this site exists is to broadcast free information from my giant brain to yours.  Which means you get 100% FREE content at all times—now and forever—with no sales pitches from me and no hidden ulterior motives.


And I’m not some newb who spits out weak crap.  Yes, I touch on topics for newbs, but all of my material on this site is advanced and only of the highest quality.

I mainly write about direct response techniques—classic techniques.  So you won’t see any of the same tired slop like “How to Get INSANE Conversions!” or “Facebook Headlines that SELL!”

Ugh.  Gag me with a spoon.  If you like that crap, go find the blogs of the popular online marketing gurus.

Anyway, if you would benefit from occasional blog articles about genuine salesmanship in print, fill out a subscribe form.  Or don’t.  I don’t really care one way or the other.

Your Pal,





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