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Lousy Marketing? Give It The Double Pimp Slap It Deserves


Feb 20, 2016 0 Comments

If you follow the status quo in your marketing (which most people do), you are hurting your business.

Don’t worry…I’ll explain.  I’ll also show you how to fix it.

Let’s start with this: What does it mean to follow the status quo?

Look at various ads that come from within the same industry, and you’ll notice how similar they are.

For instance, tons of bloggers include something like this on their sign-up forms:  “JOIN 20,000 OTHER SUBSCRIBERS

Here’s an example:

Subscribe Form

I’m not going to argue whether or not the “Join Other Subscribers” line is good or bad.

Despite my opinions, the fact remains… that exact headline gets used over and over and over.

Obviously, the bloggers who use it do so because they see all the other bloggers using it.

They have no idea what to say in their marketing, so they copycat what everybody else says.

Looking offline, you’ll also notice that small, local businesses are no different.  They infinitely regurgitate the same weak, stale information.

Stuff like “Family Owned and Operated” and “24 Hour Emergency Service”.

That stuff blows so incredibly hard it’s pathetic.  Do you think anyone has ever called an electrician because his advertising announces that his business is “family owned and operated”?

No, of course not.


Plumbing Ad

“I wasn’t gonna call these guys until I saw that bullet point about “safety first”…now I’m SOLD!”

So why do people insist on recycling the same crappy advertising that doesn’t work?  Easy…

Because they’re following the status quo.  In other words, their competitors do it, so they do it.

A Golden Opportunity For You To Rip Business From Your Competitors Like A Schoolyard Bully

I  bet the marketing in your line of business is no different.  Most of the ads within your industry are probably very similar.

So consider this…

When everybody else is saying the same things, imagine how powerful it would be if one guy stepped up and said something unique.

And what if that guy happened to be YOU?

There’s a huge opportunity for you to take advantage of the rampant copycatting in your industry.

While your competitors are bragging about stuff that nobody cares about (Unmatched Customer Service, Over 12 Years Experience, Family Owned and Operated, etc.), you can craft a powerful message that actually sells, ripping business from them in the process.

But first, you need to smack your crappy marketing around a little…teach it how to perform.

Get Yer Gloves, ‘Cause It’s Time For A Double Pimp Slap

Good marketing helps you in two very distinct ways–a “double pimp slap” to your old, lousy marketing, if you will.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you ran a fantastic ad that got a lot of response. Most people would say it worked simply because it sold more stuff.

That’s only partially true.  People forget that a fantastic ad not only converts better, it also gets NOTICED by more people.

So there’s actually a one-two punch at play here, and it dramatically boosts profit margins.

If that’s not making sense, see the image below.

Crappy vs Killer

As you can see, a killer ad sells more…but it also gets more views.  A lot of people forget about that.

In the scenario above–which is conservative, I’ll add–gross sales increased by a whopping 2300% because, not only did a higher percentage of people make a purchase, more people read the ad in the first place.

And THAT, is the double pimp slap I’ve been telling you about!

How To Get Better Marketing

At this point, you might be wondering “How do I fix my lousy marketing?”

As always, I’m here with the answers for you.  Just give me 15 minutes of your time…

I want you to invest in yourself right now.  Simply read the following articles, and I promise you’ll be writing better ads than most professional marketing agencies.

Read them in the order I’ve outlined below:

1.) Click here to understand why most marketing freakin’ SUCKS.

2.) Click here to learn why people buy stuff (you NEED to know this!).

3.) Click here for easy instructions for writing your own killer ads.

I’m not joking…if you invest just a few minutes into reading these three articles, you’ll be able to double pimp slap the taste right out yo’ old marketing’s mouth.

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments section below.  I’m always around to help.

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